Mamako Oosuki (大好 真々子 Ōsuki Mamako) is one of the main protagonists. She is a beta tester in the MMMMMORPG alongside her son, Masato Oosuki.


Mamako is the mother of Masato, and a member of his party.


Mamako is a slender woman with a prominent bust, slender waist, and stands just a bit shorter than her teenage son. She has long wavy brown hair that is braided around her head and tied with a blue and red bow around the back. She wears a one-piece gown with a revealing top and a blue corset with a metal guard. She wears elbow guards with blue and red stripes, and white gloves on her hands. She also wears metal boots and shinguards. Mamako is noted for looking incredibly youthful for her age. Masato even remarks that, if given a school uniform, Mamako could easily be mistaken for a high school student. 


Mamako is a kind-hearted, affectionate, motherly woman. Due to her gentle nature, she is at times very gullible and somewhat airheaded. If pushed to her limit, she can be very stern and will often express how upset she is. Most notably, she is considered to be overly-doting on her son, Masato. She can become very emotional when scolded by Masato, often begging for his forgiveness. Additionally, she fell to tears when Masato said that he would disown her.

Mamako is often very kind to complete strangers, even when they are acting hostile towards her. 

Abilities and Equipment


  • Mother Fang - a special mother skill that can locate her son Masato using the power of her holy sword Tera di Madore.
  • Motherly Light - a special mother skill that can make her body emit light.
  • Mother's Sharing - a special mother skill that protects the party from negative status effects
  • Mother's Breath - a special mother skill that boosts the success rate of crafting items
  • Mother's Words - a special mother skill that calls on the feelings of mothers around the world; this spell was used to break the influence of Medhimama's staff on Medhimama
  • Mother's Headpat - a special mother skill that allows her to calm down anything or anyone, preventing them from exploding
  • Mama Beam - Mamako's ultimate skill. 


  • The Holy Sword Terra di Madre of Mother Earth - a powerful holy sword that she received from the king at the beginning and it has the power to control Earth Element. Its main attack allows spikes to form from the floor and attack enemies.
  • The Holy Sword Altura of Mother Ocean - a powerful holy sword that she received from the king at the beginning and it has the power to control Water Element. It’s main attack is traveling along the ground to deal water damage to enemies.

While Mamako excels at ground type attacks, dealing Double Hit Multi Target Attacks, the swords are completely useless against flying enemies. Masato, on the other hand, can deal Single Hit Primary Target attacks to flying enemies. This makes them the perfect team as Mamako can handle the ground and Masato can handle the air.


Masato Oosuki 

Mamako loves Masato dearly, and is incredibly doting and protective of him. While the two were extremely close when Masato was younger, they have since grown apart as Masato entered his teenage years, with Mamako claiming that he barely talks to her anymore. In an effort to rekindle their relationship, Mamako believes that going on adventures with Masato will make him admire her again. She becomes infuriated and embarrassed whenever she is made to look shameful in front of her child and will punish any who make this so. She speaks to Masato in a soft tone, rarely ever losing her patience with him. She is also shown to be very clingy, and can be seen randomly hugging Masato tightly, much to his discomfort. Over the course of their journeys, Masato slowly grows to respect his mother once again and enjoys spending time with her. In the OVA, Mamako and Masato's relationship takes an unexpected turn. Throughout the group's time at the beach, Mamako acts rather flirtatiously with Masato. The two continued to flirt with each other throughout the day, and even made lunch and played a twister game together, though Masato was experiencing temporary amnesia and was not aware of what he was doing. When Mamako's swimsuit was torn off by a crab, Masato held her close until Porta was able to produce another swimsuit, causing Mamako to blush. Sometime later, the two watch the sun set and Masato confesses his love for her, leaving her blushing and speechless. The two lean in to kiss each other, but are interrupted by a massive kraken.  The fact that Mamako did not try to stop Masato from kissing her may imply that she secretly harbors romantic feelings for him, or, that she was simply too shocked to react

Masumi Shirase 

She is on generally good terms with Shirase and gladly goes along with any quest that Masato is dragged into by Shirase.


Mamako adores Porta and finds her very useful and convenient due to her merchant status. Mamako treats Porta as a younger daughter, and often tries to comfort her whenever she gets upset or when she thinks she has failed her job. Porta was the first person that Mamako allowed to join Masato's party, and she even thought she'd be suitable as her son's bride.


Mamako initially did not like Wise, at the latter had teleported herself and Masato away during their first meeting. However, after finding out about Wise's separation with her mother, she allowed her to join the group so that she could help mend their relationship. Overtime, Mamako begins to treat wise as a daughter.


Mamako cares for Medhi and helps her improve her relationship with her mother, similar to she how she helped Wise. Mamako is able to pick up on Medhi's growing resentment for her mother and goes through great lengths to help them make up.


  • Her name Mamako is a pun on "mom".
  • She first appeared in Episode 1 of the anime, and Chapter 1 of the Light Novel and Manga.
  • The kanji for her name means "truth" (真) (ma) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Mamako's pout face became a Internet meme within the Anime Community.


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