Masato Oosuki (大好 真人 Ōsuki Masato) is the main male protagonist. He is a beta tester of the MMMMMORPG alongside his mother, Mamako Oosuki.


Masato is a stereotypical teenager who cares for his mother, but is frustrated by her doting nature. He sees the MMMMMORPG as a chance to live out his power fantasies, and initially dislikes Mamako outshining him at every opportunity.

However, he grows to appreciate his mother and her efforts over the course of their adventures. Additionally, meeting Wise, Porta, and Medhi and helping them solve their own relationship problems gave him a greater insight into the difficulties of motherhood.


After filling out a survey, the government official Shirase contacts Masato and Mamako. She offers them the chance to test a new video game, which the mother and son agree to. Shortly after traveling to the game world, though, Masato learns that the game is designed to help children grow closer with their mothers, and that Mamako is far more powerful than him and any other character.

Magic & Equipment

Filamento of the Vast Horizon- Masato’s main weapon given to him at the beginning of his adventure by The King. It is a sword of true heroes and was previously supposed to be a reward for clearing a difficult quest. While Mamako’s sword’s are great for ground type enemies, Masato’s Sword is better for air enemies and combat. He can also cast a ray of energy from his blade to hit a single enemy one time. Because it flies through the air, it is sufficiently better against flying enemies.

Magic Reduction Armor - Masato’s armor reduces all negative side effects and de-buffs on him. However it’s only partial resistance.


  • His name Masato (真人) means "truth" (真) (masa) and "person" (人) (to).
  • His first appearance is in Episode 1 of the Anime, and Chapter 1 of the Light Novel and Manga.
  • His sword Filamento of the Vast Horizon looks very similar to the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series, it even glows blue when he does an air slash, which most resembles the Master Sword air slash/ sword beam seen in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
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