Medhi (メディ Medi) is one of the main protagonists. She is a beta tester and eventually joins Masato’s party. Her real name is Airi.


Medhi is a teenage girl of average height, has a pale complexion, and a prominent bust. She has blue, shoulder-length hair that matches her eyes. She wears a white dress with a matching corset, stockings, and boots.


Initially, Medhi comes off as a kind and sweet girl. She's eager to please those around her and dutifully follows the orders of her mother. However, her relationship with her mother led to Medhi developing a deep-seated resentment for her and dissatisfaction with her life.

After working out her issues with her mother, Medhi's true personality emerges. While she still cares deeply for those close to her, Medhi is now much more mischevious and playful. Medhi pokes fun at Wise and claims that she's the superior mage. Medhi is also openly threatening to those who would attack her party and flirts with Masato.


  • Medhi first appeared in Episode 5 of the anime.


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